07 Shocking Facts About Security Systems You Won’t Believe

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security systems

Security Systems Facts!

Security systems are everywhere nowadays.

And we often hear that if you want to deter theft and crime, a security system including a camera is a must.


What are the facts behind these allegations?


What else do we need to know regarding home security systems and security cameras?

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Security Systems Can Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance Up to 20%

security systems tax deduction
security systems tax deduction

Yes, exactly how it mentioned! Security systems can reduce your home insurance!

Interesting, right?

Indeed, because most insurance companies will reward the installation with reduced premiums.

Home Security Systems Are More Affordable Than You Think

security systems
security systems

Regard your budget, whether you have disposable income or are on a limited budget, always, there is a security system out there for you.

Awesome, right?

Burglars are More Likely to Avoid Homes with Security Systems

security systems
security systems

While this statistic may not be surprising in the obvious sense, it is still an important one to be aware of.


According to The University of North Carolina, 60% of sentenced burglars admitted that the presence of a security system deterred them from targeting those houses and that they often sought out homes that ignored these measures.

A Portion of Your Security System Maybe Tax-deductible

security systems tax deduction
security systems tax deduction

According to you the IRS, if you install a security system that guards all the doors and windows of your home, you can deduct the business part of the expenses you incur to maintain and monitor the system.

Also, you can take a discount deduction for the portion of the cost of the security system relating to the business use of your home.

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Most of the Security systems will proceed to operate during a power interruption

security systems
security systems


Regardless of the model of security system you have or are thinking to buy, rest assured that it will proceed to function in the case of a power outage.


There are many modern solar-powered choices becoming increasingly available.

Outdoor Motion-activated Lights Can Enhance Your Home Security

security systems
security systems

By placing a motion-detecting light in strategic locations around the exterior of your home can frighten potential intruders and make your home less prone to invasion.

It’s important!

When coupled with a home security system you can significantly decrease your vulnerability to burglary.

Criminals Also Use Security Cameras

security systems
security systems

Did you know that even criminals use security systems such as cameras?

Let me explain:

Criminals use security cameras near cash machines to record your PIN number and your bank information. 

Scary, right?

We hope we help you with these facts.