5 tips to make the most of your life insurance

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make the most of your life insurance

Learn how to to make the most of your life insurance.

Look: When taking out a life insurance policy, you should take into account your family’s specific needs, the size of your assets, your income, and the characteristics of your career.

There are different policy models, coverage, and prices.

The following tips will help you make a good choice by making the most of your life insurance according to your profile:

1. choose an indemnity amount that fits your standard of living

Life insurance is meant to maintain your family’s standard of living in case you fail or stop generating income.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully estimate the value of the policy to be taken out.

Remember that the value of the policy may vary according to the number of assets your family has.

2. Avoid hiring only accidental death coverage

One of the best ways to make the most of your life insurance is by hiring coverage only for accidental death lowers life insurance premiums.

But it is a risky strategy. If the insured dies due to an illness, his family will not be protected. It is the cheapest thing that can get expensive.

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3. Take out insurance that meets your needs to make the most of your life insurance

Life insurance is not all the same. You can, for example, buy a redeemable insurance policy.

In general, life insurance is valid as long as you are paying the premium. If you stop paying, you are no longer covered and do not get back what you have already paid.

Thus, he stops paying the premium after a certain point in his life but keeps the protection.

If the insurance is temporary, it will be possible to redeem part of the value at the end of the term; if it is life insurance, the protections are maintained for the rest of the insured’s life or until he or she decides to make the redemption.

Term insurance is ideal for those who want to protect their family during a critical period – for example until their children become of age. It is possible to take out either the redeemable or the non-redeemable type, which can be cheaper.

If you have no family but are self-employed, personal accident insurance may be the best alternative. If you have to be off work and generating an income for a certain period of time, the insurance protects you.

Women also have special conditions in life insurance. Some policies are designed especially for them, with specific coverage for gynecological cancer diagnoses, such as breast and ovarian cancer.

4. It is possible to have more than one life insurance policy

Did you know that?


You can have more than one life insurance policy. One policy does not cancel another, nor are there limits to the amount of the indemnity. Each insurer will make the indemnity by the amount of capital insured of each contract.

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5. If your needs change, change the policy during its validity period

It is possible to change the contractual conditions of insurance during the term. Just make an addendum to the policy that specifies the change.

Insurancily helps you choose the best life insurance.