Tip #4 of 10 Proven Tips if You are Buying Life Insurance For The First Time Serie

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Let’s jump right into life insurance tip #4 of the life insurance tips series.

Tip #4 To Get Your First Life Insurance is: “Be Truthful on the Application”

Be mindful not to obscure or omit any information on your life insurance application form.

To make a point, 

It’s extremely important to be honest because insurance companies can use third-party sources to verify and confirm the information you present.

If you give them authority to collect your data.

Life Insurance
A girl is happy for getting a life insurance tip #4

Let me give an example for that,

The insurance company can obtain information about you by:

  • Public records;
  • Prescription drug history;
  • Motor vehicle report;
  • Entering your medical records.
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Additionally, you might be asked to take a medical exam, which involves urine and blood tests.

Amelia Miller
Amelia Miller
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