Real Life Insurance Agent Story: My Story Being an Insurance Agent

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First, I would desire to tell you about myself.

My name is Amelia Williams and I am an insurance agent.

I appreciate and love my job.

I was born on March 10, 1983.

I received higher education in economics and management enterprise, I graduated from Boston University in 2006.

I started my professional job at the age of 20 when I became an accountant at the bar association.

A beautiful family is my pride and joy.

I have two boys 14 and 8 years old whose demands are growing exponentially, and my beloved husband who supports all my endeavours.

At this point, working in insurance has become my primary and favourite job.

My introduction to life insurance

My first encounter with insurance took place when I was a child, my grandmother always insured her home.

And every year she was visited by the “insurance lady” (that’s what she called her), who was our neighbourhood insurance agent.

She was a nice, friendly woman who came every year at the same time, and my grandmother would invite her into the house, and we would drink tea together and talk about everything.

The insurance agent profession as a part-time job

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So how did it happen that I, a professional with a college degree, came into this field? Everything turned out to be very simple.

I started thinking about working as an insurance agent after a conversation with my neighbour down the street.

She, as it turned out, had been working in an insurance company for several years.

In 2015 I decided to try my hand at insurance, as a part-time job to begin with.

I found a vacancy for an insurance agent on the Internet on a specialized job search site.

I chose a well-known large insurer with a reputation which was in my city, to be sure that I would not let myself, my friends and acquaintances, down. Reputation and trust in a small community is probably the most important thing for people.

They don’t work with the company, they work with you, the insurance agent.

And I had no right to let them down.

My first steps as an insurance agent

My first mentor. That was my manager Natalia.

She helped and guided me in everything. I am very grateful to her for her support.

Even now we are working together.

My first contract was a life insurance contract.

It turned out to be very interesting and even easy to tell clients about the features and protection of this product. Later on insurance contracts for houses, apartments and cars followed.

The attitude of clients to me and my work.

At first, clients were wary of me as a new agent, but with time, experience and trust come.

What is insurance to me?

Insurance to me is always an opportunity:

  • an opportunity to make money,
  • to move forward,
  • to be needed and
  • to be useful to society.

It seems simple, maybe even pompous, but it is the truth.

My work makes me happy and motivates me, and the support and kind words from relatives and acquaintances, especially those who were in trouble, and our insurance helped them out and I helped them in this is the highest reward.

Pandemic and working as an insurance agent

This past 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and for some, it was just terrible: many people lost their jobs, their incomes dropped.

But for me as an insurance agent, it turned out to be a time of great opportunity.

I’ve noticed a change in people’s behaviour.

Many who had not previously thought about insuring themselves, their children and loved ones, and their possessions, began, on the one hand, saving money in terms of the price of the policy, but at the same time, they are signing more new policies to protect their families.

Yes, and “word-of-mouth” and word-of-mouth recommendations – my reputation – worked for me.

As a result, I was able to grow my insurance portfolio of clients and even make new friends.

What do you like most about my job as an insurance agent?
I think this is already clear from my statement above.

Most of all I like communicating with people in my work.

My clients are all kinds of people:

  • grandmothers who insure their summer homes,
  • Families with children who are insured on a comprehensive basis,
  • Judo coach (insures his pupils),
  • Of course, motorists (without MTPL insurance is nowhere), etc.
  • Perhaps there is not a single person in the world who would not need insurance.
  • Perhaps they just don’t know about it yet.